Telehealth Partnerships

The Evolution of Telehealth

COVID-19 changed the world as we know it. Providers needed a way to contact their patients without in person appointments. Fortunately, advancements in technology allowed us to have access to telemedicine using tablets, smart phones, and computers. This shift in procedure has led to a post-pandemic revolution in the medical industry that has resulted in a more efficient means of delivering quality healthcare through direct to consumer telemedicine. Most recently, telehealth has evolved further to include asynchronous telemedicine, where the patient and doctor complete a telehealth visit on separate timelines by sharing information through a secure patient portal.

Precision Compounding Pharmacy thrives as a DTC fulfillment pharmacy, with its telemedicine model that partners with telemedicine companies to drop ship supplements, retail products and compounded prescription medication straight to patients’ homes. Precision Compounding Pharmacy would like to become an extension of your telemedicine staff working beside your care coordinators as a united team.

Customized Protocols

It is a known fact that all telemedicine companies function differently. As a true DTC fulfillment pharmacy, allow us to customize our operation(s) to your specific company protocols. Set up a meeting with one of our telemedicine specialty pharmacists to discuss your company’s protocol, and find out how we can tailor our operation to your company guidelines.

API Availability

Application Programming Interface are available for our telemedicine/health system partners.

What does this mean for your telemedicine company?

Our two software portals can communicate in real time. Precision Compounding Pharmacy will send you a web hook with confirmation that we received your company’s prescription, carrier tracking number and a notification that the prescription was delivered. Your telemedicine website backend can send us prescription copies and refill notifications.

Private Label Supplements

Precision Compounding Pharmacy is exclusively partnered with Vintage Labs Collection. Vintage Labs Collection is a full service professional grade supplement line. This partnership allows Precision Compounding Pharmacy to have access to a wide range of different supplement formulations, custom or set. We offer private label services through Vintage Labs and can put your brand’s logo on a professional grade product and scale your brand guidelines. Our professional grade supplements can seamlessly integrate into your custom protocol and be sent out/delivered with your patient’s medications under our direct-to-consumer telemedicine model (DTC fulfillment).

Package Design and Sourcing

Here at Precision Compounding Pharmacy we want to make your company look as professional as possible. If you don’t have packages designed, let us help! We have a full design and sourcing team that could give your patients’ prescription a complete custom/branded look. Schedule a meeting with our team to discuss design and packaging opportunities to be used with our direct to consumer telemedicine partnership.

Precision Pack

At Precision, we understand that patients take several supplements, compounds, or retail medications every single day. Organization and sorted medication bags are the solution to patient compliance. Precision has the capability to put your company logo on each prescription pack and set a daily dose pack.

Customized Medications

We have over 10,000 formulations in our database and our compounded medication could be customized for your specific telemedicine protocol and clinical goals. We pride ourselves in formulating a quality product that is tested by a third party. These formulations vary based on dose administration, strength, absorption, and flavor. After we establish our target formulation, allow us to provide an affordable price for your patients.

Kitting and Packaging

Precision Compounding Pharmacy can become your Third-Party Logistic Partner for your telemedicine company. Precision can kit your patients’ prescription with your company’s handouts, boxes, or bottles. Contact us for the pricing schedule. We provide kitting, storage, and inventory management with your company’s branding materials that works perfectly with your synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine programs.

Commercial Medication

Precision Compounding Pharmacy also offers telehealth fulfillment of commercial medications, including brand name and generic options as well as over-the-counter drugs. Leveraging our purchasing power, we strive to obtain the most competitive prices for your patients.

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